Monday, October 19, 2009

Shantel's Wedding

All of us were able to go out to Shantel's wedding in Utah last Saturday. She was beautiful and all smiles (JJ looked good too:)

Kariana was an incredible bridesmaid and made sure everything was absolutely perfect for Shantel.
We loved getting to see almost everyone (we missed you Erin and Zoe), even though I didn't do very good at taking lots of photos.
Here is Grandma and Evie.
Alyssa was all smiles and loved getting loves from everyone.

Alyssa even tried to share the love with Cache.

Unfortunetly Bryson couldn't come to the wedding because he was super sick with a high fever and double ear infection. Kaitlyn made it through the first part but then she started with a fever and ended up sleeping through the whole reception. Luckily no one else got sick and everyone is better now but unfortunetly Bryson and Kaitlyn were pretty sick the whole time we were in Utah.
The day before the wedding we had a girls day at the salon and got fingers and toes done! The bride was big smiles but I think Kaitlyn may have had even more fun. She loved being a part of it all.