Friday, March 30, 2007

Guess Who Is Who

You can tell they all come from the same parents but most people think Alyssa looks most like her big brother Bryson. Depending on which photo and as Alyssa's face fills out, I see Kaitlyn in her also.

First is Alyssa, then Bryson, then Kaitlyn

Always so alert

Alyssa is such a great baby, each day we hope it continues and so far so good. She is great at eating and sleeping but she also spends so much of her time just looking around. She seems so much more alert than we remember Bryson or Kaitlyn when they were newborn.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Grandma Mumford came to help for a week! It has been a LIFESAVER!!!

Great Grandpa and Grandma Middleton came to visit Alyssa!

The kids LOVE holding her and giving her loves! She likes it (most the time).

Hospital Visit

Kevin brought Bryson, Kaitlyn, and Grandma Mumford to visit Alyssa.

Dacia and Alyssa were ready to leave the hospital and get home to get some real rest!

Alyssa Mary

Alyssa was born on March 15th at 1:22am

She came out wide eyed and has remained so alert and attentive to her surroundings.