Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Spring Break

Last week was spring break and we decided to just hang out here and do all those little things that we hadn't gotten to yet. We also loved getting to sleep in most mornings, good timing for day light savings for us!!! We took the kids bowling and they were happy that they both beat me but Bryson was pretty ticked that Kevin beat them! We spent a day in Indianapolis and went to the Children's Museum!

There is a sign by the slide that says that parents can go on it but just to watch their head. It was deceiving! It may look like we could fit but you had to crawl army style and then to turn around to go down the slide... good thing no one was watching. It is suppose to be these underground tunnels that end with the slide. Bryson has done it lots before but it was dark and some boys were saying boo inside so he didn't want to do it alone. I did it with Bryson and then didn't say much when Kevin said he wanted to go too. Notice neither of us offered again after that:)

I thought Kevin was taking lots of photos of Alyssa on the carousel but when I downloaded them on the computer, they were me...
He was maybe trying to decide what he thought of my new haircut!!!

I think we need to do more of these relaxing Spring Breaks. It was great to end the week feeling rested and thinking that I wish it was a few days longer!!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Alyssa!!!

Alyssa had a great birthday on Saturday! Even though she didn't understand, she was excited and clapping all day all thanks to Bryson and Kaitlyn who were constantly singing to her and telling her it was her birthday. It was fun to watch! She loves her care bear walker toy. She is not into walking yet but loves to climb on and off it and dance to the music.

Then of course the first birthday eating of the chocolate cake. She started slow with just trying a little piece

then realized she liked it and decided to just grab the whole piece.

However she didn't follow in Kaitlyn's footsteps and eat every last piece plus lick the plate clean. She ate some bites, drank lots of milk and then tried to hand it to me (her way of saying she is done and if I don't come take it, it goes on the floor so I am always quick to respond)

Happy Birthday Alyssa!!!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Good Snow

We finally got some wet snow so we could make an actual snowman, more than just piling snow up. Bryson wanted it to be a girl snowman so you will notice the snow hair on top.

Alyssa was had a great time watching us from the mini-van.

The kids were creative with all they could do with the snow:
Slide down the bushes...

Jump off the pyramid they had made with dad in the previous snowstorm...

Make a chair from snow...

Bryson's favorite - throw snowballs that actually stick together...