Thursday, February 28, 2008

Little ones!

Kaitlyn got a sled for her birthday. We had a few weeks of no snow so they used it in the house. We now have used it several times out in the snow!!!

Some days are overwhelming as a mom of young children but I love the days when I feel so incredibly blessed. Some mornings are my favorite times of counting my blessings... I love laying in bed and listening to the pitter patter of little feet (once Kaitlyn is up, she doesn't walk places but she is running/dancing) and her and Bryson are so good at going downstairs and playing until everyone else gets up so I am sure it helps that I love the sound since I just get to listen and not have to get out of bed. Then I love each morning watching Bryson walk/run to the bus. I don't know what it is about a little kindergartener with a backpack on and running with those little legs (even though the bus isn't even coming and he isn't even feeling rushed, just for the sake of running). Alyssa loves to babble and play in her crib before and after her naps, oh the joy it brings to hear her - I love happy babies!

Bryson loves taking photos of each and every project and he is definitely our project boy, loves creating things! Here is a replica of the snowman that he had made with grandma and grandpa mumford (he made it a girl snowman with the green hair and I remember the stick arms being a bit smaller but it is a great snowman either way).

Kaitlyn may look like she is headed outside to the cold but no she is staying in the house and swimming with sharks. I have no idea where the idea of swimming with sharks came from and why she needed to be bundled up but I love her imagination!

I love you, Bryson, Kaitly, and Alyssa!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Go Alyssa

It is great having a kid that loves to eat and loves to ate anything. Alyssa's favorite food is broccoli and this is a perfect picture of how she eats it - shove it in as fast as possible. (right now she is watching me type this while shoving raisins in her mouth as fast as possible). You go girl!

The other morning I came in after watching Bryson get on the bus and I heard Alyssa just giggling away. As I come in the kitchen I see that Kaitlyn has decided to feed her and Alyssa loved it. Kaitlyn now begs for her daily job to be feeding Alyssa.

Being the 3rd child you may worry that Alyssa might get taken advantage of... No worries - she is already beginning to demonstrate her "strong personality". This is one of her favorite toys and the other morning when Kaitlyn picked up and started playing with it, Alyssa got quite upset and no matter what we tried she would not calm down until Kaitlyn gave it back to her. It made all of us laugh!!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

More of Grandpa and Grandma's Visit

Grandpa and Grandma also came to be here for Bryson's Grandparents Day at Kindergarten. He was pretty proud to have them here and had told his class that they had to come on 2 airplanes to get here (Bryson and Kaitlyn like to figure out distance by the number of airplanes it takes to arrive).

Bryson loves kindergarten and loves his teacher Miss Stafford.

We checked out the Imagination Station in Lafayette while they were here also. Kevin wasn't very impressed but the kids keep asking when I am going to take them again (it is nice that kids are easy to please)

Thanks Grandpa and Grandma for coming! We all had a great time!!!

To Mark and Tamarie:

Mark and Tamarie, we thought you would appreciate this. While Brenda and Gary were here, we played lots of games!!! We played the train game several times. We had to take a picture of this game to show you all the impressive things:
Dacia scored all the way to the bottom of the other side; Gary built quite the track in the south west corner (Kevin extra good cubes finally paid off)... We missed you and wish you could have been here!

Saturday, February 16, 2008


While Kevin's parents were here we took them to see more of campus. We went to the Alumni Center and the kids loved playing on the train. Then we went to the new Neil Armstrong Building.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Kevin's parents came to visit for a week and I haven't posted anything from all the fun we had yet. There are lots of photos to go through but I wanted to put these snow photos up to start with (It is currently snowing so this post felt more appropriate. All the snow we got from the storm when they were visiting melted, we will see how much this new storm will bring.) While they were here, we got a snow storm that even cancelled school. It was great for the kids to have extra time to play with Grandpa and Grandma.
Unfortunetly our snow here is not good packing snow so the kids have never gotten to make a snowman. Grandma was so good to help them make a snowman/snowpile.

They had fun but the snow was coming down as fast as poor Kevin could shovel. Brenda went back out a few hours later and had to shovel again.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Kaitlyn is 4

Kaitlyn's birthday was yesterday and so much fun! She gets so excited and is happy about anything so it is great to watch her open each little thing! We had an especially great birthday cause G&G Mumford were here to celebrate with us! The gift from Kevin and I was a "new" room. Brenda and I painted the walls pale pink and then I sponged the dresser wall (my first time and thought it turned out just like I wanted!). We then got her a new bedspread, nightstand, lamp, rug... We also got curtains but I am waiting for the rods to arrive so I may have to post an updated photo. It is fun to see her room so cute, before it was the previous owner's office so white walled with lots of nail holes... I had more fun that I even thought I would - watch out for the next project - even though there is still a few things I want to do in Kaitlyn's room :)