Thursday, June 28, 2007


Chichen Itza

After Chichen Itza, we stopped at a sink hole to swim (cool down).

6 of us crazies all jumped together: Brody, Brett, Thayne, Mom, Shantel, Dacia
Mom spoiled us by taking all of us to Cancun for dad's 55th birthday! It was a FABULOUS week! This is our hotel which was right on the beach. (this photo was taken looking out our hotel room - dreamy!!!)

One of my favorite activities of the week was sitting by the beach under the little hut sipping pina coladas.
Alyssa loved being down by the beach because it had a nice breeze to keep her cool.

Kevin and Brody made a great sandcastle!

Alyssa's favorite part of the week was swimming in the afternoon. It helped her cool down and she smiled the entire time :)

On Saturday we stopped at Tulum before going to Xel-ha.
Xel-ha was great! There was great fish to see while snorkeling - we even saw Dori from Finding Nemo.

Thayne and Shantel swam with the dolphins while we were at Xel-ha. The funnest part was watching the dolphins push them "waterskiing." (It is hard to see but one dolphin is pushing on one foot and another pushing on another foot)

Thayne is the one in the above picture and Shantel is in the one below.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Stanford Graduation

Kevin graduated from Stanford yesterday! It was a great day! The commencement ceremony took place in the new football stadium. It was a little warm but not as bad as it could have been.
Find Kevin!?!

This is the fancy hood you get when you get your Ph.D (I think he looks like a wizard - watch out Harry Potter)

This is at the actual ceremony where they "hood him".

This is Kevin's main advisor, Michael Boskin.

This was another of his advisor's, John Shoven.

This is the "gang" that Kevin worked with: Colleen, Kevin, Shoven, Boskin, Gopi, and Anita. We love you all!!!

The economics department ceremony was much cooler because we were able to sit in the shade. It was in front of the Hoover Tower. Kaitlyn worked on stickers that Grandma Mumford brought for her.

Alyssa kept up her tradition of spending her time smiling!

Friday, June 1, 2007


We couldn't live in California for 5 years without taking the kids to Disneyland, so we did a quick trip this week.

Kaitlyn's favorite thing was the princess area.

She didn't want to wait in line to take a picture with the princesses, she just wanted to watch them. Cinderella is her favorite (for today)
While the girls were doing the princesses, Bryson and Kevin went on the Matterhorn and Star Tours. Bryson loved them both!
We thought the jedi training was fun to watch even though Bryson wasn't interested going up himself.

After Kaitlyn heard Bryson and Kevin talk of all the fun they had on Mad Hater, she wanted to try a roller coaster too. So they took her on mickey's roller coast. She had a freaked out face during the ride but said she loved it afterwards.

Bryson like thunder coaster after the first hill drop, by the second one he was ready for it to be over, after the third drop he thought it was too long of a ride.

I would even say Alyssa loved Disneyland. When she wasn't napping, she loved looking around. Here she is on the pooh bear ride and watching each detail.