Saturday, February 28, 2009


Bryson has had us laughing several times that I just had to share.

#1 - For birthdays in our house that person gets to choose what we have for breakfast and dinner. On Kaitlyn's birthday she had chosen pancakes for breakfast. While we were eating breakfast Bryson comments that he loves pancakes too and will choose it for his breakfast. He then asked Kaitlyn about dinner. Kaitlyn said we were having pizza. Bryson said he wanted pizza for his birthday dinner too and then he said, "If we can't have pizza, I want lettuce." Kevin told him he could have lettuce AND pizza for his birthday dinner and could even have some lettuce that night with Kaitlyn's birthday dinner. I wish lettuce would put some fat on his bones since he likes it so much.

#2 - Bryson loves to argue/discuss things. One night he was headed to the shower and I reminded him that he needs to not run from his room to the bathroom naked and after his shower he needs a towel on when he heads to his room. He proceeded to have a long discussion about how fast he runs so no one will see him, he didn't think my explanations were convincing... After discussing it for a bit I was trying to explain that it isn't hard to just keep a towel around himself and go to his bedroom, he looked at me and said, "It is just a waste of time." There really wasn't anything I could say back:)

We gave Bryson our old digital camera when we got a new one for Christmas. He has had fun taking hundreds of photos and videos. Most of them are not worth much:) but I loved these 2 videos he took of himself doing his job for that day - throwing the laundry down the stairs and then bringing it to the laundry room.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Curly Hair

Kaitlyn loves to have her hair all fancy and curly. She requests me to braid it the day before any special event.

She just had to look cute on her birthday at the beginning of this month:) She turned five and is getting ready for kindergarten - I am having a harder time with her than I did with Bryson - I thought it would get easier with each kid.

Kaitlyn requested molten lava cake with blackberries and whip cream!!!

I let Alyssa help me make the cake even though I had just given her a bath:)

I love this photo of Kaitlyn in the apron her Great Grandma Middleton passed on to her. She loves to wear it to help me in the kitchen or cook downstairs in the toy kitchen with Alyssa.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Alyssa and the Wii

When Alyssa and I were in North Carolina, Alyssa loved playing with Uncle Riley! One morning she woke him up and wanted to play mariokart on the wii with him. She technically doesn't play but it sure looks like she is playing and I love watching how she is trying to even push the buttons like Riley!

Astronaut Ice Cream

Bryson went to our neighbor's rocket birthday party. He got to bring home astronaut ice cream as the party favor. We all had fun trying it. (Some people are so amazingly creative:)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

San Francisco

I went with Kevin to a conference in San Francisco. Kevin's parents were so good to watch the kids. We were able to go out a day early and stay with G&G Middleton. They took us to get shrimp and Ghirardelli ice cream. We also went to the Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park. The last day we were in SF, Kevin and I took the trolley to Lumbard Street and Fisherman's wharf for more shrimp, Ghirardelli ice cream, and clam chowder in a sour dough bread bowl.


Over the New Year we were able to go to Utah!

We had fun going to Hogle Zoo and seeing the lights!

Kaitlyn loved that Ryan was great at giving her lots of love (attention)

We were so grateful that Thayne, MaryAnne, and Cache joined us at the zoo. We loved getting to see them but we also had needed Thayne's energy for Bryson:)


They went bowling while I snuck away for a quick trip to Logan to see precious Evie (and Chad and Cara).

We of course made time to play a few boardgames!

The kids had been so excited to get to do Grandma's apron while they were there.

The kids loved getting to play with their cousins! We miss you Benjamin, Josh, Josie, and Jackson.