Thursday, January 22, 2009

My kids grew up

I was just looking through Christmas pictures and I kept thinking about each of the kids and how grown up they are looking!

I love this video of Alyssa coloring. When she is intently writing or coloring she will crouch low - it makes me laugh. Also you can hear her say "Yeah" which is her favorite word. It is so much more pleasant than no - I wish she would teach all toddlers yeah instead of no. She also has really started talking and it is fun to hear her 3 to 4 word sentences but my favorite is her new word, "Hey". She will be sitting at the table writing and will say it to Bryson or Kaitlyn because they are playing with one of her toys or something. "Hey" - it sounds pretty funny from the mouth of a little one!

What is cold

It is funny how perspectives can change with the weather. Last week the kids had 2 days of school cancelled because it was too cold. One of those mornings when we got up it was -15. We were glad there was no school cause we loved that we could just hide inside and didn't have to leave. It has been a bit warmer and yesterday it was 26 so when Bryson got home from school him and Alyssa went outside and played on the slide and in the snow. It almost felt felt like spring yet when I thought of the temperature I couldn't believe that this is now what we think of as warm!