Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Brody is in Chicago for a few days for work so Kevin and I drove up just for the evening to play with him.

Sliding down the sculpture at Daley Plaza (an older lady was doing it and having her husband take photos after watching us have so much fun!)

Then of course it was all about the food - yummy cheese platter at Millenium Park and Grill!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sweet Alyssa

This is Alyssa today!!!

This is Alyssa 2 days ago.
Alyssa got a nasty stomach bug and couldn't even keep a tablespoon of water down for over 48 hours. She also had a fever from a double ear infection. I took her to the doctor and they sent her to the hospital - she was dehydrated. She had to stay overnight in the hospital but is feeling great now. Thank goodness for zofran that made it so she could start to drink on her own and thank goodness for IVs to blast her system with fluids!

The hospital was so good to her - dvds, popsicles, slices of bread (what her request from the cafeteria was once she was doing better). They were also good to us, 2 food vouchers so we didn't have to leave Alyssa to eat, a bed for Kevin to sleep in and his own TV.

Alyssa had to wear the thing on her arm to make it so that the IV didn't get pulled out. Once she started feeling better she decorated it with stickers!

Later Friday night when she was beginning to feel better, she loved getting to raise and lower or bed and then even gave me a big smile which was a huge improvement from the previous 2 days.