Friday, April 20, 2007

Weekend Visitors

Grandma Garner was here helping for 2 weeks (we are already missing her). Grandpa Garner flew in for the weekend for the blessing.
Uncle Chad and Aunt Cara came for the blessing. We had a great time taking Alyssa on her first San Francisco outing. She was perfect, sleeping through the shrimp cocktail, sour dough bread bowls with clam chowder, Ghiradelli chocolate, and a Ghiradelli sundae!

Uncle Thayne and Aunt MaryAnne also flew in for the blessing.


We missed everyone else and are grateful for blogs to keep you updated!

Beautiful Blessing

We were so blessed to have many of Dacia's relatives come for the blessing. Dacia's cousin Troy and Cindy had just had their fourth child, Zack. We were able to attend his blessing the week before in Tracy.

Alyssa's Blessing

Alyssa wore the dress that Dacia wore when she was blessed

It is so fun to have a girl to dress up. She even has a bracelet on (from Uncle Thayne and Aunt MaryAnne)

The day was perfect! Everyone was so well behaved!!!

Grandma Garner made the dress for Dacia when she was blessed

Monday, April 9, 2007

Happy Easter

Grandma Garner gave Alyssa her new Easter dress

We spent Easter at Dacia's Aunt Linda's in Tracy

Decorating eggs

I remember simple easter egg decorating. Bryson and Kaitlyn were so excited to see the fun easter egg decorations that grandma brought them.

Easter hunt

Stanford had an egg hunt at the provost home

Grandma Garner is here

We did it a week and a half on our own and were glad to see Grandma Garner come to help!!!