Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I honestly don't ever remember winning anything and I finally did!

My cousin has a fun parenting website and she has great giveaways (and even has a great one going on now).

I WON this pettiskirt from Precious Car-go and gave it to Kaitlyn - we have had so much fun with it!

Thanks Vanessa!!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Princess 2 year old

Alyssa just turned two and is so much fun! Our wonderful neighbor, Amy, passed along a princess dress that is too little for Julia. Alyssa loves that she has a princess dress that is just for her.

Alyssa loves brushing her teeth and does it several times a day. Hopefully this is a habit she will not stop!

It is amazing how young they learn that money is great. Great Grandpa & Grandma Middleton sent Alyssa some money for her birthday and she was so excited when she saw it and was carrying it all around.

Alyssa LOVES baby dolls and is always rocking them, feeding them, burping them, and singing to them. We had to get her one for her birthday. Once she opened it, it didn't leave the crook of her arm even to open more presents:)

She was never able to blow out her candles - if you can see her bangs blowing, she hasn't figured out that her breath is going up not out. Bryson and Kaitlyn came and helped her. (You gotta love the free cake from the grocery store:)

We love you Alyssa! Thanks for bringing so much joy to our home!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My Broccoli Girl

I love that Alyssa still LOVES broccoli!

We had steamed broccoli one night and she decided to feed some to her baby and then devoured it herself. I just kept taking pictures, it was so priceless watching her walking around eating huge mouthfuls of broccoli and then coming back for more!!!


It has been a bit since my birthday but I had to share a few fun things from it.

My birthday cake - homemade crepes with nutella and strawberries - thanks Kevin!

I didn't like the tradition of buying presents for the kids to give at birthdays - so the kids have started making things for presents. Kaitlyn usually just wraps up an old book or toy of hers but Bryson has made some really creative gifts.

This was my present from Kaitlyn. She is quite proud that she can read and write a few words.

This was from Bryson. A page from the gold plates. He has always been so good about coming up with great ideas for projects - he came up with this all on his own.

After Bryson saw me get excited and be so grateful to Kaitlyn for her paper with mom written on it he rushed over while I was still opening presents and wrote on a paper and gave this to me also. (He was trying to do it quick and my name is hard to spell:)