Tuesday, February 20, 2007

70 degrees and Ice Skating!!!

We had a weekend of weather in the 70s. It was beautiful! We loved getting to go ice skating with Stanford EV Families on Saturday in such gorgeous weather!!!

Thursday, February 15, 2007


Kaitlyn has always been a princess fanatic but since she had the few days with daddy and Bryson gone, she is totally princess crazy. All she wants to do is listen or sing princess songs and dance/twirl!

I deserve sympathy

I decided since I have a blog, I should use it to get some sympathy. Kevin is out of town (currently interviewing at Purdue) and we had to have this crazy adventure without him. Let me begin at the beginning... I woke up at 2:30am to a scratching in the wall - words can't give all the details but it was loud and sounded like it could enter my room at any moment. I went out and shut the door and put a towel at the bottom of the door (the pest control man said it was pointless cause they can chew through cloth but at least I would know if it got out). Anyways, after some deep breaths, I went back in with a flashlight and confirmed that no rat had come into the room, yet. Anyways, I can't live without my husband, so I had to call and wake him up to help me think properly. Anyways, I was able to convince housing to have pest control come out at 3am. Now after having them here several times today and maintance here to block any potential holes, we are hopefully prepared for tonight. They found an opening at the top corner of the roof. The rats climbed up the boards and then chewed through a board to make an opening into the attic, then they have access to the walls. Anyways, here are the traps that are set up by the hole in the roof and then we have several in the house set up and several in the backyard. I am hoping for a quieter night, maybe a few traps going off but at least that means they are not coming in. (We know we have been here TOO long when we have dealt with bees in the kids wall, ants, and rats)

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Bryson in Utah part 2

(I guess you can only add so many photos in each blog, so I will make this in 2 parts). Anyways, Bryson also loved getting to play with his cousin, Benjamin. The last time we saw him he was just a baby so it was fun to actually get to play with him. Bryson and Kaitlyn were cute and made many comments about missing each other. Besides getting to see Bryson and daddy when they returned, Kaitlyn was excited cause they brought her birthday presents from G&G. She is way into princesses and Dora so she was ecstatic to see her new pajamas. We are glad to have everyone home safe and sound and we look forward to hearing back from schools in the next few weeks to find out where I future will be.

Bryson goes to Utah

Kevin had to interview at BYU the first of this week, so Bryson went and stayed with his Grandpa and Grandma Mumford in North Salt Lake while Kevin was in Provo. He has never done anything like this before and had the time of his life and was spoiled rotten. Grandparents are the best!!! Grandpa and Grandma took him to a really neat discovery museum and to ride the train.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

The Ultimate Hair Cut

For those who didn't hear the wonderful story of Kaitlyn's adorable hair cut... Bryson and Kaitlyn came upstairs while I was getting ready. Bryson says, "Kaitlyn's hair is like yours mom." I am thinking he means that we have the same color or something. Kaitlyn comes in the bathroom and I notice a little chunk of hair cut, I ask Bryson what happened, he said, "I cut her hair". I then looked closer and noticed more than a chunk was cut - for once I didn't lose my cool immediately and went and asked Bryson why he cut Kaitlyn's hair. He so innocently looked at me and said, "so she would have short pretty hair like yours." What do I say to that. I asked him to do quiet time in his room while I dealt with the sitatuation. I went downstairs and saw that they had "set up shop." A chair was next to the garbage and the garbage was filled with long beautiful hair. I called Kevin up and told him everything was fine but that Kaitlyn no longer had long hair and then I cried. We took her to a beautician and she gave her a cute style. The beautician commented that we are lucky he didn't cut her to the scalp, she said she has had to shave little girls' hair before. Anways, she was impressed with how good Bryson did but Bryson was quick to point out with my help that he will NEVER do it again. We had a great talk and hopefully will not have this experience again (at least with Bryson or Kaitlyn). If you can't tell, Bryson's cut is the first three photos and the beauticians repair is the last 2.

Kaitlyn's 3rd Birthday

Kaitlyn turned three yesterday. We had her birthday party on Saturday because Kevin and Bryson were in Utah for her actual birthday (Kevin was interviewing with BYU!). All Kaitlyn wanted for her party was
#1 - CHOCOLATE cake
#2 - Pink Frosting
#3 - Mark and Tamarie to come to the party
I tried to make a carousel cake (Kevin had to help me try and get it as flat as possible)

At her party we played tape the nose on the clown.

She was so much fun to watch open each present, she would get so excited and then say, "Oh, I love this" or "that was so nice of them." I love when they are at this age of being so easy to please.