Friday, July 16, 2010


Bryson had his last All-Stars game last night. Even though the team over all didn't do great, Bryson was incredible! It was fun to watch him! (in the team photo, Bryson is on the bottom row - fourth from the right)

Now with all our available time we are not sure what we are going to do - maybe have a baby:)

Thursday, July 15, 2010


As active as Bryson likes to be, I love that I can catch him anywhere reading a good book. He has literally read 100s of books this summer! Love summer time!

The kids took swim lessons and this is the first time Kaitlyn went off the diving board all on her own - she then did it over and over and over:)

Girl Time

There is a fun little theater in Indy (Beef and Boards) and they have performances for little ones - a shortened performance with rice krispie treats and juice boxes. We made it a girl trip with the Dunford girls and saw Aladdin!
Kaitlyn and Katherine

Annie and Alyssa

A few weeks ago, Kaitlyn and I went on a fun date and went to High School Musical (notice the colors she picked out - all about East High:)

Friday, July 9, 2010

Cousin Cache

We love having family close - even if it is only for the summer. Alyssa talks about cousin Cache all the time - she loves to count her friends on her fingers and "my cousin" is always one of them!

We were fortunate to have Cache stay with us for a few days a few weeks ago and we had too much fun with him!

Digging for worms

4th of July in St. Louis

We went to St. Louis for the 4th of July weekend and stayed with our wonderful friends, the Boyces!

Alyssa, Jeremy, Katya, Adam, Caleb, Bryson, Liam, and Seth (Kaitlyn joined in the below photo)

Nate and Kim made a variety of incredible pizzas on the barbecue - mexican pizza, vegetable pizza, pepperoni, cheese, and bacon/cheese breadsticks. It was divine.

Waiting for the fireworks spectacular to start!

Thanks Boyces for the fun times!!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Game Winning Hit!

Bryson started his All-Star games last night with a double header. Poor kid started warming up at 4:30 (temperature at 95 plus humidity). Then had 2 games from 5:30-9. Being 38 weeks pregnant I was pretty miserable in the heat but let Bryson "win" on the challenge that he was the hottest. He never complained and was awesome! (Baseball is serious stuff around here and they even make yard signs for the boys. Bryson was impressed with the fancy uniform.)
Bryson played 2nd most of the game with one inning in right field (the only time he was close enough that I could get a good photo). He did not have many balls come to him for fielding opportunities but did have a great play as second baseman in the last inning with stopping the ball and throwing the out at first. He is definitely one of the best fielders on his team - he is quick, pays attention, and does really well at thinking ahead of time through all the many details before needing to make a decision.

The highlight (and stress for the mother) was the game winning hit! It was the bottom of the sixth with one out and they had someone on second and third. They needed just one more run to win. I started video taping Bryson batting and he had 2 fouls. I then was so nervous and didn't want the video tape to jinx anything so had to put it down - his next swing was a double and he got the other 2 players in! We were so proud of him!

Kevin was the pitcher for the second game - after 2 hours of pitching he said his arm was tired:)

Luckily there was a playground with sand behind us for the second game so we never even saw the girls until the end of the game...