Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Navy Pier Children's Museum

Kevin had a conference in Madison, Wisconsin last week so we tagged along with him. We swam at the hotel and played at the park while he was in his conference. After his conference we went to Chicago. We went to the Children's Museum on the Navy Pier. It was so much fun!

We met up with our good friends the Giles. We have had so much fun seeing them more often since they moved to Chicago. My kids have so much fun with their girls, Tayen, Adley and Lyvien(their baby - not pictured)

Kevin was just as entertained as the kids:)

Everyone had a fabulous time but truthfully the best part was having a full-time nanny with us! It is amazing how much easier life is with extra hands! We love you Aunt Kariana and are so glad we get to keep you for awhile.


It may look like a picture out of a book but it isn't, it is our playroom train mural! It was finished today. A good friend of ours wanted to build her portfolio so did it for us! It looks incredible! The kids are excited to get the toys back in the room and to get to play amongst the beautiful backdrop! Thanks Jenn, you are amazing!!!