Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Van Singing

On the way home from the dairy, this is what Kariana and I got to listen to NUMEROUS of times. If you can't tell it is "Morning Report" from Lion King...

Dairy and Easter

Speaking of Fair Oaks Dairy - I never posted the photos from when we went to the dairy for their easter egg hunts. We met up with our friends, Giles, who are living in Chicago but we knew from Stanford. This is Bryson, Tayen, Adley, and Kaitlyn.

This is one incredible dairy - train rides, bounce bubble...

I loved these photos of Alyssa with her Easter basket. These are the perfect pictures of her, she is a toothbrushing fanatic!

First Day of Summer

Yesterday was Bryson's last day of 1st grade. Today we decided to celebrate and went to Fair Oaks Dairy. We took Katherine and Benjamin Dunford (our wonderful neighbors) with us. We had a fun day!

My favorite part was watching Alyssa eat her ice cream cone. I literally took hundreds of photos. She was having so much fun enjoying each lick!

Friday, May 22, 2009

We love you Great Grandma Garner

We miss Great Grandma Garner but know she is in heaven so happy getting to be with Grandpa, Lonnie Ray, and all of her siblings! There are days that it still doesn't seem real that she is gone but we are grateful for all the wonderful memories! We felt very fortunate to be able to attend the funeral.

All of my family was able to be there except Brett and his family because they were in Italy. We missed getting to see them and can't wait to see them at our family reunion in June. Kevin also wasn't able to come. He had to present at a conference.

So many wonderful memories of when I was little - the marble game, meals around her table...

G&G's home were we loved visiting

Even though the kids won't remember her, I love that all of them have pictures in their baby books of them and Great Grandma. This is when we were visiting her in 2007 with Alyssa.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


We loved getting to spend a few days in Utah at G&G Mumfords!

Everyon had so much fun playing with cousins but Kaitlyn and Ben were unseparatable (Ben even threw quite the fit when Kaitlyn had to leave for the airport. We can't wait to see them in a month.)

Alyssa had fun with Josh and Grandma trying to launch and then catch the rockets.

The kids were so incredible on this trip. Kevin wasn't able to come because he had to present at a conference but luckily I had Kariana with me! To save a TON of money we had to drive to St. Louis (5 hours) to fly on 2 airplanes to Utah. There were super late nights and early mornings and the kids were awesome! It was nice to have a few minutes to breath when they were all entertained on the flight with a movie!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


We planted our garden Saturday. Alyssa was excited to get back out there Sunday.

Pre-K Graduation

Kaitlyn had her preschool graduation today! She has been so excited all week - she picked out her dress on Sunday and then asked me last week if I would braid her hair on Tuesday so that it would be curly for graduation on Wednesday (she had even asked Kariana if she would do her makeup for graduation, luckily Kaitlyn forgot to ask her this morning). Once graduation started she got really nervous/"scaried" and at the end needed to sit on my lap. They showed us many things they have learned. Sign language, spanish, skip counting...

We loved her incredible teachers, Teacher Karen and Teacher Julie

She loved that Aunt Kariana came.

She was also all smiles when she saw her daddy there too.

Congratulations Kaitlyn! Kindergarten here she comes.