Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Our Family Photo

I was chair of the Scholastic Book Fair at Bryson's school. It was a busy week but tons of fun. Kevin was a huge help in many ways but the kids' favorite was when he was Clifford for the night. Bryson was very proud of his dad and loved telling everyone!

Clifford would need a break to cool down (the costume was not air conditioned) and he would walk the hall. One time he even played basketball with some cub scouts. (Another reason he is dad/husband of the year!)

Watch for Kevin in possible Christmas letters, many photos were taken with him!

California Friends

It is so fun to get together with friends and feel like it was just yesterday that we were together. Giles moved to Chicago this fall and we finally were able to get together. We met in the "middle" at the Fair Oaks Dairy. Unfortunetly Kevin and Scott weren't able to miss school but we still had a great time without them!

Thursday, October 23, 2008


We went to Chicago for the weekend with our good friends the Dunfords. We were able to trade off babysitting so that we could attend the temple as couples.

While we were babysitting all the kids, we went to the Kohl Children's Museum.

The weather was beautiful so we had fun walking around Millenium Park.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Corn Maze

We went to a neat corn maze a few weekends ago with the Tobiases. (Justin works with Kevin at Purdue and they just moved here in August). The corn maze was miles long but we just did one corner of it. We got to go on a hay ride out to the corn maze. They also had pedaling something or rathers,

duck races,

hay tunnel,

and lots of climbing and jumping in the hay

We are enjoying the great weather that we have been getting and that we can spend so much time outside still.

A few random photos

Who needs to go to IHOP when you have Kevin to make the fun pancakes and the kids to decorate them!!!

Kevin had a varsity campout and Bryson got to tag along.