Tuesday, July 28, 2009

5000+ Miles

The end of June we went to 2 family reunions and saw some great sites. We ended up driving over 5000 miles in 2 1/2 weeks. Here are the sites we saw just on the drive to the first reunion.

Our first site was the Badlands in South Dakota!

We then went to Mt. Rushmore

Then Yellowstone

We finished that leg of the trip with the Rexburg Temple. I had fun showing the kids where I lived when I went to Ricks College and telling them about some of the fun things I did in Rexburg. The temple was absolutely beautiful!


We went for ice cream after going to the zoo. It was very humid and Alyssa couldn't lick her blue moon ice cream cone fast enough. She was quite the attraction herself.
I love when the kids get in cleaning mode. Kaitlyn got into a shining mode and shined all my windows. She did a great job and I am ready to have her do it again.

Bryson made this for Kevin for his birthday. It is Kevin. Bryson even did research to figure out if the legs or arms should be longer. He has one creative mind.

Happy Birthday Bryson

Bryson turned 7 on Sunday and had his first friend birthday party. We did a water bash. His friends that came were Benjamin Dunford, Collin Johnson, Joey Colver, Amrit Subramaniam, and Ali Nuseibeh. The boys had a great time and we were grateful for nice weather.

Treasure Hunt with feet in bubbles

Frozen t-shirt contest

Waterslide made from a pool noodle

Collin slip'n'sliding

I had planned to be creative with the cake and had gotten everything to make a swimming pool cake with gummy bears and other fun things in the pool. The night before the party Bryson mentioned that he wanted angel food cake with fresh blueberries and strawberries for his party. I had to laugh that I had forgotten to ask him what he wanted and wasted brain cells to be creative. He appreciates good food so I made him a homemade angel food cake!
Happy Birthday Bryson!