Monday, March 29, 2010

Happy Passover

The candle holders were my Grandma Garner's. They will provide great memories as we do this each year.

We had a fabulous evening celebrating Passover tonight. Kevin had a whole script that he shared and we had set parts to say and words to repeat. The kids really enjoyed it and all of us learned some new things about this Jewish tradition. We made herbed leg of lamb, potato pancakes, matzah, and arabic cucumber tomato salad. The kids loved the game of hiding the matzah and then getting to find it (up until Bryson and Kaitlyn had to fight over who found it first:). Alyssa loved having her part (the line that the youngest says) where she had to ask why we had matzah and not bread. Kaitlyn was the one privileged to open the door and let Elijah in.

Months ago Kevin read a book that got him excited to have our family celebrate passover and learn of these Jewish traditions. He used the book to put the script together and plan the meal. The book is titled "Celebrating Passover" by Marianne Monson-Burton.

Thanks Kevin for creating another wonderful family memory! You are the bestest!

Local Circus

Bryson, Benjamin, Alyssa, Emma,
Dacia, Kaitly, Katherine, Annie, and Tamara Dunford

We took the kids to the circus for the first time. We went with some friends, Dunfords and Spitlers. The kids loved it and well... Kevin and I will have lots of funny stories to tell about the circus experience.

Indy Zoo!

Grandpa and Grandma Mumford came for spring break and spoiled all us us rotten. We enjoyed good weather most of the time which made it perfect! We spent a day in Indy at the zoo.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Alyssa!

Alyssa is 3 and still all smiles! Kaitlyn made her cute headband for her birthday. This is her free cake she got to pick out from the grocery store:)

Notice she still blows up (if she had bangs you could see it better). Bryson and Kaitlyn had to help her with the candles.

Kaitlyn wanted to make something for Alyssa for her birthday. She made her smiley face birthday cards - so cute seeing them lined up.

Alyssa LOVES her vanity. She had so much fun and stayed focus helping Grandma Mumford put it together.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

It's a girl!!!

We added another picture to the wall in the nursery!!!

Thanks Kariana for helping us get the nursery all ready before you moved.

We are having a girl in July! Bryson and Kaitlyn both voted for a boy - Bryson said because then things would be fair and Kaitlyn said she wanted a boy so that Bryson would have someone to play with so he wouldn't bug her. It took them just a moment and they are now all excited to have a baby sister! Alyssa talks about her baby sister all the time and is anxiously on the countdown. Alyssa is also intrigued about the baby kicking me all the time. (Alyssa and Kaitlyn were at the doctor with me the other day and when they were listening to the heart beat she kept kicking and now Alyssa, even with lots of explaining and demonstrating, can't seem to comprehend why the baby is kicking mommy all the time).

Four months to go but who's counting... :)

Kaitlyn and Chocolate

Kaitlyn turned 6 on February 5th. She got to have her first friend birthday party and it was Princess Kaitlyn's Chocolate Birthday Party. They had chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate. Some of us could only handle a little of it but Kaitlyn was finally in chocolate heaven.

Julia Engers, Ehre Maas, Katherine Dunford, birthday girl Kaitlyn, Kate Benhart, Reagan Castens, Bryson, Ben Meyers, Alyssa, Dallin Kemeny, Minnie Aagard

They did a relay wearing snow gloves and opening tootsie rolls.

They played a dice game where they tried to make a tower of oreos. They also did eat pizza - we did try to encourage a little more than just chocolate:)

They played the candy bar game.

Kaitlyn chose her birthday breakfast to be pancakes.

The night of Kaitlyn's birthday was the school carnival. She loved that she won a cake at the cake walk on her birthday. She walked around all night in her fancy dress that she had decided to wear since it was her birthday and carrying her cake and so proudly telling anyone that would listen that it was her birthday!!!